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Fifa soccer

Select your favorite country and start playing Soccer FIFA to win the world cup. Win consecutively in the games and get into stage 2 and finally, make the football world cup yours. Score goals out of five chances and then, save the goal when your opponent tries to score. The one who scores more number of goals will be considered as winner. If the match ends in draw, there will be rematch to win the game.Click for a bigger game images:

Soccer World Cup

When kicking, just drag the string in the opposite direction that you want the ball to go. When saving, keep tapping in the direction that you want to dive.Click for a bigger game images:


This is the most enjoying tennis game with cool graphics to keep you playing for several hours. Enjoy!Click for a bigger game images:


Pick a pocket any pocket! 8-Ball: Sink all the balls in your suit solids or stripes but save the black ball for last!
Straight Pool: Be the first to sink any 8 balls!Click for a bigger game images:

World Cup Kicks

Welcome to World Cup Kicks, the ultimate football game! Set your power, angle and curve to hit the most stunning free-kicks!Click for a bigger game images:

Galaxy Golf

Pull out your irons, zip up your spacesuit, close your visor, because golf has just gone galactic in Galaxy Golf. Make your way through the galaxy in this challenging golfing puzzle sports game.Click for a bigger game images:

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